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Welcome to K’abel,
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Handmade decorative folklor masks

K’abel came to be when I realized my home could no longer hold all of the (accessories?) I had collected during my travels back to Guatemala. My family used to joke that I had built a tiny museum in the small corner of our home, but I couldn’t help proudly displaying the beautiful art made by the artisans back home. From textiles to intricate jewelry and handmade clay art — I loved them all!

I was encouraged by my daughter and family to open K’abel, to continue doing the work I loved the most. I was already halfway there, so it seemed like the obvious next step for our little home museum. K’abel proudly displays Guatemalan culture. Having moved to the United States some 33 years ago, I’ve always been determined to bring a little bit of home wherever I go. There are stories behind every piece, connecting even the most unlikely of individuals; It’s this that I cherish the most. This space is for everyone that is curious to learn or simply cannot take the trip back home themselves.

We want to celebrate the people of Guatemala: The mothers, workers and indigenous communities that make our country come to life.

Stone of Lady K'abel

Cleveland Museum of Art, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

Our Lady K’abel

Just like every other part of this boutique, we wanted our name to represent our people, their stories and our values. We believe that names are very powerful, not just as identifiers, but as windows to our ancestors and their rich histories. 

During the 7th century, Lady K’abel was the queen regent and ruler of the royal Maya city of El Perú-Waka’ in northwestern Petén, Guatemala. 

Throughout her reign, K’abel was known by many names. Famously given the title of Ix Kaloomte,  translating to ‘Supreme Warrior ', a name traditionally attributed to men. The royal monocker was telling of her ability to lead courageously, and rewarded K’abel’s unwavering devotion to her people. 

Today we continue to celebrate her influence and achievements. Making sure to cherish the names that have come to represent us, and continue doing ours justice.